Camps & Class Trips

As part of children's education, classes in the school are involved in veducational visits to places of interest both inside and outside the community. It is our policy to involve parents as much as possible in these trips, so that they may share some of the pleasures associated with giving children the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. The school reserve the right to select parents for trips when there are too many offers.

We make every endeavour to: -

a) ensure that places visited are within the scope of the pupils understanding
and relevant to the topic being studied,
b) make certain that supervision is adequate and appropriate at all times,
c) gain every financial concession we can so that costs per pupil are kept to a minimum.

When the children reach Year 4 – 8 they can expect longer, more structured visits with a strong emphasis on outdoor education. All classes in the senior syndicate will attend a camp in Term 1 each year but plenty of notice is given for this so that parents can budget for this.

The value of outdoor education visits cannot be overemphasised.