Family & Whānau Involvement

We welcome and encourage families to be actively involved in school life.

Celebration assemblies

Our Celebration Assemblies are held every second Friday for the senior school and every Friday for the junior school. Once a term, we hold a full school assembly, which each year level team take turns to host. 

Coffee mornings

Coffee mornings are held in the staffroom from 9 - 9.30 am each Friday and a re run by Kim Button from the Neighbourhood Trust. We advertise these via our newsletter.

Curriculum open sessons

During the year we will offer the opportunity for parents and whanau to learn more about the curriculum and teaching and learning programmes within the school. These opportunities take the form of open sessions in the classroom to watch the classroom in action, and the opportunity to be a learner alongside your child. Sometimes curriculum evenings are held to inform and educate parents.

Student-led conferences

Student-led conferences are a way for you to see your child's learning in action. They will share their portfolio, book work, computer work, and work around the room with you.