At Mairehau Primary we have a variety of arts activities which students are encouraged to participate in. We have a strong Kapa haka group which performs in a variety of local performances each year as well as the annual Cultural Festival. Many students join the Junior, Middle or Senior choir to showcase their singing abilities. We also have a large number of students who regularly participate in Jump Jam. A group is selected to enter into the Jump Jam National competition each year.  A range of music programmes are offered where students can elect to learn a musical instrument at their parents cost or be part of the ‘Just Brass’ programme. Music clubs are also offered for students to join if they would like. Throughout the year special arts events are held and a high number of students take the opportunity to participate in them. Every second year the school has a musical production which involves every pupil in the school. In 2015 we proudly staged A Swinging Summertime and in 2013 Circus Splendida. A variety of visual arts are taught throughout the school. An annual Art Attack is held to focus on a latrger art work to display around the school. Art clubs are also offered to students.