At Mairehau we have four houses, called -

  • Whero (Red)
  • Kahurangi (Blue)
  • Kākāriki (Green)
  • Kōwhai (Yellow)

Upon entering the school each child is assigned to a house. Numbers in each house are kept as equal as possible but family members will belong to the same house.

RBAA tickets are awarded for any child in the classroom or playground modelling appropriate behaviour reflecting our key values of Respect, Believe, Aspire and Achieve. These tickets are then converted into house points and are tallied each week. 

The inter-house competition is also used to provide an air of competition in certain school sports events like our athletics sports.

The winning house being rewarded with a special treat when it reaches a certain number of points.

The school also operates a buddy system where younger children are paired up with an older child. Older buddies develop responsibility and a caring attitude towards their younger buddy. Younger children have the security knowing there is someone they can turn to in the school playground.