Our Turning 5 Programme - Starting School

Turning 5 and becoming a schoolboy or girl is a big event for every child - and his/her parents

At Mairehau Primary School we endeavour to give all a warm and positive first exposure to school life. New entrant children are a diverse group. Responding to and celebrating the unique qualities that each child brings to school is the most important activity of our first days, weeks and indeed months together.


Specifically, we offer:

  • a supportive, successful transition to school programme
  • friendly, caring and experienced junior school  teachers
  • vibrant, well-resourced junior school classrooms
  • an emphasis on the development of early literacy and numeracy  understanding
  • an ‘open door’ policy
  • many and varied opportunities to be part of your child’s Junior School learning
  • many and varied opportunities  to engage socially with the Mairehau Primary School community


At Mairehau Primary School we consistently seek to strengthen the threads that bind home, pre-school and school experiences.


Parental Involvement 

You can best support your New Entrant child by talking to him/her about his/her day; listening to the reading books or poems that come home each day; and being positive and supportive about his/her achievements and special events. Spending time in your child's class is also a wonderful opportunity.