School Uniform

Mairehau Primary School has a compulsory school uniform code as a means of providing a sense of identity and to try to maintain a high standard of personal presentation. In enrolling your child and signing the Annex you are agreeing to ensure your child(ren) are in correct school uniform at all times. The school uniform is reviewed regularly by the school Board of Trustees and this was done at its meeting on 21 September 2015. As there were no changes the existing code remains in force.

We expect and encourage students to take pride in their appearance. Senior students have a slightly different uniform to junior students, as outlined below. If students are not wearing the uniform correctly, or do not have the correct uniform items, we will try to help students into the correct uniform!

Uniform Code

Read the school's board of trustee's approved uniform code here: MPS Uniform 2021.pdf (click to download) 

Where to buy


Uniform items are available from NZ Uniforms - online only. The website link for ordering is

PLEASE NOTE: Uniform items are no longer available at The Warehouse (Northlands). 

A maroon bucket hat is available from the school office.


Second-hand uniform articles in good condition can be on-sold for a nominal fee and are available for purchase from the school office.


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